Comcast/NBC’s New Positioning Strategy: Sports

Comcast Moves Goal Posts for NBC Sports

(From the Wall Street Journal Online)

Watch the movie below:

NBC Seeks to Score New Sports Deal

This is a HUGE deal for all of the broadcast networks because it may alter the way these companies fundamentally compete in the marketplace. ESPN is the industry leader in sports, and Comcast/NBC Sports recognized that they needed to take a different (and expensive!) approach if they were going to compete against ESPN for market share.

And of course, an always loyal Oregon Ducks fan, I’m thankful that the Pac-12 will be able to re-negotiate their broadcasting rights (effects taking place 2012-2013). The Pac-12 deserves more respect among the more established conferences (SEC, ACC & Big10? We’re talking to you!). Oregon’s football season the past 2 years? Rose Bowl to the BCS National Championship? No doubt these notable successes had to play a part in the vehicle that allowed the Pac-12 to become such a desirable conference. Just saying.


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