THE MOVE to the big apple

It has been over a month since my last post (I know, I’m slacking) and ironically I had written it while I was going through the interview process during my last New York visit.

Now I’m living here in the city. Me, little me, living in New York… Man what a change.

I’m not the type of person to get emotional and initiate the waterworks, but I’ll admit that saying goodbye to my parents and the moment the plane took off I got a bit nostalgic. I definitely already missed Portlandia and all the people with it.

And I’ll admit (yes, I’m feeling a bit vulnerable here. Shut it.) that it was slightly overwhelming when I attempted to start the apartment search on Sunday morning.


How the hell am I supposed to afford living here and eating top ramen for the next year? Mal-nutrition here I come!

It was a wake-up call, but one that I knew was part of the package from the moment I started looking for jobs in NY. There is no pity party to be had here. Suck. It. Up.

Life is essentially a series of transitions: grade school, middle school, high school, college, career. It is substantially easier for us to move throughout our academic years because we knew what to expect, we knew what was expected; whether that be the grades you were expected to earn or that “safe” degree (i.e. finances or economics, no offense, something I would HATE doing for the rest of my life) your parents expected you to pursue in college.

I’ve always felt I needed a path that was somewhat of an anomaly; something different. I knew what I could expect in Portland and I knew that I could easily fall into that mold of what I knew. What people expected of me. And as terrifying as moving across the country and delving into the unknown world of a ‘New Yorker’ seemed, I need that type of excitement to fuel my curiosity.

It’s funny, its very hard to pinpoint the specific events or emotions that have led me to believe that I know that I made the right decision for myself and really know this is where I should be at this point in my life. It feels like I’m in the right transition, whatever that may be.

I’ve realized there is a world of opportunity here within this fast-paced life style, and I honestly cannot help but think of so many friends who would completely thrive here. In this environment I feel like I’m surrounded by genuine and hard-working people who seem to have similar mindsets as some of the smartest and most driven friends I’ve had (cough. cough.  I’m talking to YOU, and you all know who you are).

I just want people to get the chance to have this same exciting/terrifying/freeing/uncertain/exhilarating/calming experience that I’ve been lucky to have. Moving to a new place has really opened up my eyes to so many things and experiences, its indescribable. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

I just want people to share it with. 🙂

What I’ve learned (from my limited experience thus far):

The rumors about rude New Yorkers are just rumors:
People are actually very nice. No one is actually from New York that lives here. At one point or another, they were in your same shoes and struggling to maneuver the subway system or dealing with the frustrating process of trying to find a place to live and are more than willing to help.
I will say that people are always in a hurry, so be ready to walk-and-talk or be concise with your question.

Brokers can make (you broke) or break you:
I tried to avoid using a broker to find an apartment at all costs. Believe me, I was on, and stalking craigslist on the daily, but sometimes it can be damn near impossible to find a reasonable place (within your price-range) in the city. Brokers can actually be EXTREMELY helpful if you’re new to the city like me and I’ve been lucky to find very friendly ones that have been more than accommodating to my budget restraints. But just be prepared, you will probably end up paying 15% of your yearly rent UP FRONT. Ouch.

(I’ll let you know how this end up)

To taxi? Or not to taxi?
Choosing to take a taxi to get somewhere on time is honestly a toss-up. Sometimes it makes it easier to get around and can be a faster alternative. Other times, it will end up taking you TWICE as long and cost you $20 just to go 30 blocks. (FAIL by experience). Plan accordingly.

Summer months will make you melt (and not in the sexy way):
No joke. I did NOT expect to see this type of humid weather when moving here, so naturally I was dressed in boots, jeans and a sweater stepping off the plane in 80 degree weather. During my exploration of the city, I discovered that if you walk close enough to building entrances, you will sometimes be rewarded with a blast of air conditioning from open doors. Just beware of any overhead air conditioning units. Real talk.


About Kailee Crawford

I'm an Oregon-born travel addict living in New York making the most of my vacation days. I started this travel blog to keep track of my bucket list and it's morphed into a journal of my adventures and recommendations for things to see, do, eat and drink. My hope is that I can help other travelers find their way. I want to try everything once and to live a life without regrets or missed opportunities. I call my philosophy on life the "the death bed philosophy" - I want to be laying in my death bed reflecting on all of the things I've done and seen in this world, not the things I wished I had done. It's not meant to be morbid, just a reminder to take risks, go out of your comfort zone and live life to the fullest. ♫♫♫♫♫ "You were only waiting for this moment to be free" --- "Blackbird" by The Beatles This quote is undoubtedly my favorite quote because it's a reminder of the infinite opportunities available to us. That in each moment there is an opportunity to find true happiness, and a sense of freedom when you're doing what you love. Freedom to explore, to create, to improve oneself, and to find fulfillment even during the 9 to 5 grind. ♫♫♫♫♫ I'm an incredibly pensive person with a wide variety of interests. In addition to traveling, my guilty pleasures include wine, food, music, art, languages and history. I grew up a nerd, watching The History Channel and reading The Lord of the Rings with my Dad. I'm driven by my pursuit of knowledge and growth and most passionate when I'm able to be creative. ♫♫♫♫♫
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