Amsterdam – Where to Eat & Drink

Among the canals of Amsterdam, you’ll find a number of amazing restaurants and bars. Amsterdam is contains a diverse list of global cuisine, including Spanish Tapas and some of the most authentic Thai food I’ve had outside of Thailand. My list is below:


Pata Negra – Spanish Tapas (Grachtengordel Neighborhood)
Website / TripAdvisorYelp
Utrechtsestraat 124, 1017 VT, Amsterdam
+31 20 422 6250
IMG_7970IMG_7964IMG_7965IMG_7967Pata Negra is known for their amazing tapas and authentic atmosphere. The building itself is very old with the facade and painted tiles looking like something from the 1800’s, and the interior posts and untiled walls are covered with graffiti from past diners. I went with a group of 4 and we ordered a bunch of different dishes to share. They have the “normal” tapas that you can come to expect at a tapas restaurant (full menu here) but make sure to get the pimientos de Padrón (similar to shishito peppers), gambas al ajillo (shrimp in garlic sauce), and flan for dessert.

I also recommend making a reservation in advance, and you can do that via this link.

Bird Thais Restaurant – Thai (Red Light District)
Website / TripAdvisor
Zeedijk 72 74, 1012 BA Amsterdam, Netherlands
+31 20 620 1442
Located in Amsterdam’s China Town near the Red Light District, this place is known for having some of the best Thai food in the city. Having been to Thailand, I can definitely attest to that statement. They split up their menu based on the different regions in Thailand, something that I’ve never seen at any other Thai restaurant. I like that it’s split up like that because I’m a big fan of Issan Thai food (northern Thailand) and it’s cool for those who’ve never been to Thailand. The springrolls are out of this world amazing, I’d also recommend the Nua Pad Krapau (beef with basil and peppers), Paneng curry (like a spicy red curry) and of course the Pad Thai. You can see the whole menu here. There’s normally a line since they don’t take reservations but it is entirely worth it!

Cafe Aen’t Water – Cafe & Pub (Red Light District)
Facebook / TripAdvisor
Oudezijds Voorburgwal 2a, 1012 GD Amsterdam, The Netherlands
+31 6 52006618
We stumbled across this bar when looking for a place to escape the rain while walking around in the Old Quarter near the Red Light District. I read somewhere that “Cafe Aen’t Water” Dutch slang for “At the water” which makes perfect sense due to its location right on the water overlooking the canal. It’s a truly beautiful view. I’d consider the appearance of the cafe to be more similar to a pub but they made a good cappuccino. The music was also on point – a good mix of classic rock playing Hendrix and Zeppelin.

Cafe de Oude Wester (Jordaan Neighborhood)
Rozengracht 2, 1016 NB Amsterdam, The Netherlands
+31 20 625 7502
This lovely place was located 2 blocks from our Airbnb, and was the perfect place for our first breakfast in Amsterdam. The restaurant is bright with large windows looking out onto the corner of Rozengracht and Prinsengracht, making it a prime “people-watching” location for us (we definitely saw a guy texting while riding his bike). Being a cold, rainy day I ordered the tomato bisque, which was perfectly seasoned and came with a piece of warm, crusty bread. With its white wicker-back chairs and potted flowers on each table, it looked exactly how I imagined a cafe in Amsterdam to look like.

Golden Age Cheese – Previously known as the Old Amsterdam Cheese Shop (Grachtengordel Neighborhood)
Website / TripAdvisor
Singel 490, 1017 AW Amsterdam, Netherlands
+31 20 626 0087
Located on the same street as the famous Bloemenmarkt, this cheese shop is the perfect place to do cheese-tasting after visiting the market. They had a delicious balsamic mustard which you have to try if you visit, it’s life-changing!

Stoop & Stoop – Dutch (Stadsdeel Zuid Neighborhood)
Gluten-free options available!
Website / TripAdvisor
Lange Leidsedwarsstraat 82, 1017 NM Amsterdam, The Netherlands
This Dutch restaurant was recommended to me by one of my friends but we, unfortunately, did not get a chance to visit. Known to be very affordable but also delicious, this place has been heralded for its quality and value. They also have gluten-free options too! A reservation for this restaurant is recommended, and according to their website, you can book a table for the same night until 16.30h by calling +31206200989.

Cafe George – Italian & French (Jordaan Neighborhood)
Website / TripAdvisor
Leidsegracht 84, 1016 CR Amsterdam, The Netherlands
+31 20 626 0802
This French Brasserie (also described as a New York-style bistro) was recommended as a good, affordable spot for dinner. Definitely, make a reservation in advance via this link.

Winkels (Jordaan Neighborhood)
Website / TripAdvisor
Noordermarkt 43, 1015 NA Amsterdam, The Netherlands
+31 20 623 0223
Located right next to the Noordermarkt, Winkels is considered to have some of the best apple pie in Amsterdam.

Wolvenstraat 23 (Negen Straatjes or Nine Streets)
Wolvenstraat 23 | Wolvenstraat 23, 1016 EN Amsterdam, The Netherlands
+31 20 320 0843
This is known as the “bar with no name” and is only referred to by its physical address. Known for their affordable wine by the glass, you can also find Asian-inspired snacks if you get hungry.

Bar Moustache – Italian & Pizza (Grachtengordel Neighborhood)
Gluten-free options available!
Website / TripAdvisor
Good affordable spot for lunch or dinner.



Bar at the Hotel Royal Taste (Red Light District)
Website / TripAdvisor
Oudezijds Achterburgwal 47, 1012 DB Amsterdam, Netherlands
+31 20 623 2478
This unassuming bar is at the bottom of the Royal Taste Hotel and features paper currencies from all over the world taped up above the bar with past visitor’s signatures. So naturally, we had to leave our own signed dollar bill. The bartender was very friendly and gave us a lot of recommendations for our trip to Berlin while serving up hard cider and beer.

Cafe Old Sailor (Red Light District)
Website / TripAdvisor
Oudezijds Achterburgwal 39-A, 1012 DA Amsterdam, Netherlands
+31 20 773 7931
Located in the Red Light District, this is the perfect place for drinking some liquid courage before going to watch one of the famous peep shows nearby. The atmosphere is very lively with a lot of people, both young and old.

Bar Moustache (Grachtengordel District)
Gluten-free options available!
Website / TripAdvisor
This Italian & Pizza joint has a small bar that’s good for a glass of wine or drinks.

Vesper Cocktail Bar (Centrum District)
Website / TripAdvisor
Cocktail bar located in the Centrum known for their mixologists who craft creative and unusual drinks.

Wolvenstraat 23 (Negen Straatjes or Nine Streets)
Wolvenstraat 23 | Wolvenstraat 23, 1016 EN Amsterdam, The Netherlands
+31 20 320 0843
Already listed above, this bar is known for their affordable wine by the glass.

Finch (Jordaan Neighborhood)
TripAdvisor / Facebook
Noordermarkt 5 1015 MV, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
+31 20 626 2461
A sister bar to the famous Wolvenstraat 23, Lonely Planet describes Finch as “funkalicious with retro decor (deliberately mismatched yet somehow harmonious) is just the spot to hang out and knock back a few beers after a visit to the market. It attracts an arty-designy clientele and is always packed on the weekends.”

Any Bars on Utrechtstraat Street
The bar scene here is pretty good with a lot of low-key bars and people roaming the street.

De Pijp Neighborhood
Younger nightlife scene with lots of restaurants and outdoor seating.



Easy Times Coffee Shop (Grachtengordel District)
Website / TripAdvisor
Prinsengracht 476, 1017 KG Amsterdam, Netherlands
+31 20 626 5709
This was the only coffee shop we visited on our trip but there are plenty of other coffee shops around the area too. The place had a loungey atmosphere with purple LED lighting and low tables and couches grouped together to form separate seating areas for the clientele. The edibles are strong, so you really only need half of what you think you do.

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